Living It Up After50

Cynthia Andrews is a Radio Personality, Aging Enthusiast and After 50 Consultant. She often claims that her best career move was turning 50 years old. With a passion for the elders in her community, Ms. Andrews has also developed a large network of boomers around the globe and those they like to call the '50Plus Club'. She hosts events for folks over fifty, such as Speed Dating, Wine Tastings and has opened a monthly local jazz club called The Green Dolphin Street Lounge for the mature crowd. Cynthia Andrews also serves as an advocate for the aging community and is a trainer for many companies with large 50Plus employee base. She is works closely with government agencies, panels and committees and is quickly developing a reputation as an Aging Enthusiast. She is a dynamic public speaker, captivating her audience with her real topics, delivering with grace, wit and her amazing smile.    Ms Andrews has had many television appearances, written articles, blogs, and now hosting talk radio show, Living it Up After50, addressing aging issues in ALL communities, especially African American. Her goal is to help usher everyone she meets through the greatest time of their lives.... Fifty-Plus!

Cynthia Andrews is 54 years old, single and living in Seattle. She has three adult children and nine grandchildren.
Cynthia's Television Appearances