Living it Up After 50
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Welcome to Living it Up After 50
Hello Friends, my name is Cynthia Andrews and I am your Aging Enthusiast!  Believe it or not, the best career move in life was turning 50.  Ten years ago as I was approaching the age of fifty, I thought that my life was over, but it was just the opposite. The question was Why didn't anyone tell me that life gets better after 50?  So in 2012, I started a podcast called Living it Up After 50 to let the world know that it's not the end... actually,  life is just beginning.  

You can listen to my Living it Up After 50 broadcasts here  and please sign up for my mailing list to get my new podcasts emailed to you.  Enjoy new guests with some wonderful and exciting topics. If you really want to have fun, tune in to my late night broadcast called After 50 After Hours... Conversations for Grown folks. 

I look forward to sharing information and having great conversations with you and my many guests.  If you would like to be a guest or if you have a suggestion for a topic, let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

Remember, life is short and meant to be lived, so Enjoy the Journey!
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